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The Wall Street Journal published an interesting article about the battle between Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon. Four big technology fiefs—Apple Inc., AAPL -1.38% Inc., AMZN -3.86%Google Inc. GOOG -0.09% and Facebook Inc. FB -1.56% —have been creeping into each other’s turf for years. In 2013, their war is set to escalate around two fronts: hardware and search.

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Software giants including Google and Amazon are interested in ramping up hardware to boost customer loyalty and to extend control over their software services and the revenues that flow from them. That is heightening their collision course with Apple, which is responding by building more of its own software to make its devices stand out.

Google, with the $12.5 billion purchase of Motorola Mobility under its belt, plans to use the phone maker to release new Android devices to help knock Apple’s iPhone off its perch. And Amazon, which has upped the ante in the tablet wars with the Kindle Fire, has also been testing its own phone.

Meanwhile, all four companies see search as a big opportunity for retaining and profiting off customers. While Google’s paradigm of typing queries in a search box has prevailed for years, now its rivals want to undercut the Web-search giant through mobile search on smartphones and other devices, and a slew of search services that allow recommendations from friends.

Apple’s foray is Siri, a voice-activated service that answers queries about topics like the weather or sports scores from the iPhone or iPad homescreen. Next year, the company will continue its hunt for new data to power the service, making it useful for a broader number of queries. And at a conference in September, Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg riffed on the myriad ways that friends could provide useful answers. He said the company would expand its search capabilities in the future.

Here’s the outlook for the tech giants heading into 2013 and where is their startline:

IT battle



The last quarterky was great by Apple. It won $36 billons of revenue, while ita ratio profit/loss increased to $8.2 billion. Moreover its gross margin is 40.2%.

Rivals from Samsung Electronics Co. to Amazon are gunning for the Cupertino, Calif., company, which has turned out category-defining devices like the iPhone and iPad for years. Those competitors are having some success. Apple’s share of global smartphone shipments fell to 15% in the third quarter, according to IDC, down from 23% in the first quarter of the year.

The goals of Apple are their interest in television and keep investing in voice-activated assistant Siri, as competitors grab more tablet and smartphone market share.


Last quarterly it make $13.8 billion, much less than Apple and the worst new of its arrive from losses: ratio profit/loss is negative, -$274 million. However its gross margin is positive, being 25.3%.

Such a device could also cut into Apple’s iPhone market share and challenge device makers who build Android smartphones, such as Samsung. Amazon could release its smartphone as a low-cost, low-profit gadget that is built to profit from the sale of merchandise on its website, as well as e-books, games and apps. That is the approach Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has taken with his tablet computers, describing them as a sales platform rather than a profit generator in their own right.

It must be focus on roll out a smartphone to compete really with Apple and its iPhone, and continue to push in table market.


Last quarterly revenues were $14.0 billion, too low comparing with its competitors. This figure has consequence on profit/loss ratio, being $2.2 billion.  However its gross margin is high, arise up to 53.7%.

The company must decide next year whether it will partner with an auto maker to create a self-driving car using Google’s software or get involved in manufacturing more directly. Separately, Google’s wearable computing device, called Glass, also will be released. Its main goals are be working to help consumers better access its services by making smartphones and tablets through Motorola and exploring ways to control wireless Internet access.


Its last quarterly revenue arised to $1,26 billion, being its losses too high, influencing on profit/loss ratio, which is -$59 million. However, its gorss margin is very high, ths highest: 74.5%.

Over the past year, the Menlo Park, Calif., company has rewritten its mobile applications, rolled out mobile-advertising products and promoted new stand-alone mobile applications, such as its messenger service. Rivals and tech executives also want to know if—or when—Facebook will push into hardware. Mr. Zuckerberg has publicly quashed rumors that the company is building a Facebook phone, calling such a move “wrong strategy.” However, people close to the company said Facebook has worked closely with handset manufacturers, such asHTC Corp., 2498.TW -1.06% to design phones.

Facebook must be in 2013 focus on keep the mobile business it has and expect to ramp up its search offerings.