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Tonigh takes place 47th edition of Super Bowl, the biggest sportshow in US (in the World too without take in consideration Footboll World Cup and Olympics Games). The match will decide who is the NFL Champions: Baltimore Ravens or San Francisco 49ers. But tonigh there are another competitions too: add campaign. All companies disputes few minutes (even seconds) to appear in the Super Bowl paying a big amount of million of dollars.

super bowl

Even there is a special website where you can follow the adds that last days and tonigh are sponsoring this sport event:

Now, I show you the most important commercials of 2013, where many topics are involved: seduction, sex, confort, family …

This here commercial couldn’t really have a simpler concept behind it: when you mix sexy and smart, you get something good. The implication is that the service they provide is both sexy and smart, get it? (For the record, we still don’t get how you can make web hosting services sexy!)

This fifth installment of Hyundai’s Super Bowl XLVII commercial blitz is good, but not their best – that’s a toss-up between “Team” and “Epic Playdate” right now. I’ll let the will of the people choose a winner. The shtick in this commercial is cute and all, but the gags are only mediocre. Don’t you agree? Sure you do! Here, watch:

The Budweiser commercial for Super Bowl XLVII is their twenty third spot that makes use of the iconic Clydesdale draft horses, but this is the first time you’re going to see a horse that is less than a month old starring in the commercial.

In fact the little foal featured in the first part of the ad was a mere seven days old when the spot was filmed. And it is exactly what you’d find when looking up the definition of the word “cute” in the dictionary. Assuming you check a dictionary that uses horse pictures as definitions rather than words, that is.

The long-awaited Toyota Super Bowl XLVII commercial has landed. You know, the one featuring The Big Bang Theory’s star Kaley Cuoco? The commercial we’ve been anticipating for a while now, what with our regular posts and updates and such? Is our tone giving away our sentiments?

Yeah, it’s just not very funny. The old “genie grants wacky wishes” gag is about as old as can be, and yet they went with it. This is a another example of the new motif for Super Bowl ads where companies make a funny commercial (or try to, we mean) that features their product, rather than makes their product The Feature (see what we mean?). E*Trade nailed it years ago; many have since failed.

Sony’s Super Bowl commercial has us confused: is this actually just a cut scene from either the movie 300 or Gladiator? We would believe it if someone told us it was, because Sony’s ad for Super Bowl XLVII is about as good as anything sequence we have seen in a movie recently. In arguably the most cinematic commercial of the year—or even of recent years—Sony has created a beautifully shot, richly nuanced commercial (that can only be called a short film, really) to advertise its newest edition of the God of War video game franchise.

I don’t advocate for or against violent video games, but we do advocate on behalf of great commercials when we see them, and damned if this isn’t simply an amazing ad:

All is prepare to you (mainly of you are an American guy o girl) to enjoy this night the show of Super Bowl. Teams are ready, players are ready, fans are ready. Are you ready?