At Standard & Poor’s, our aim is to become the leading provider of global credit benchmarks and research across industries, asset classes, and geographies that investors, businesses, and markets use to foster economic development and growth around the world.s&p

Standard & Poor’s and its predecessor organizations have been in business for 152 years. As one of the world’s leading providers of independent credit risk research and benchmarks, it publishes more than a million credit ratings on debt issued by sovereign, municipal, corporate and financial sector entities. In 2011 alone, we rated nearly $3.2 trillion in new debt. And of all corporate sector “investment grade” ratings issued, just 1% have defaulted over the most recent five-year period. Theirs is only one measure of risk, but it’s rooted in its long experience and deep conviction.

Across 23 offices around the world, we have 1,400+ analysts, managers and economists continually assessing the variables that affect creditworthiness. In frequent dialogue with senior managers and industry leaders, it examines everything from the state of an enterprise and its position in its industry, to the state of a region and the globe. Then it delivers theirs credit opinions—on the web, in e-newsletters, in multi-media presentations and on mobile devices.

S&P in numbers

Global Footprint

– more than 1,400 analysts in 23 countries
– 6,000 employees


– More than 150 years helping investors and issuers make more informed decisions
– Five major areas we rate: financial institutions, insurance companies,corporations, asset-backed securities and government securities

Providing. Essential Information

– Published more than 1 million credit ratings
– Rated $3.5 trillion in new debt in 2011
– Over $45 trillion in rated debt

Distributing. Essential Information

– 4.5 million annual visitors to S&P Ratings websites and blogs
– 1 million views a year on e-newsletters and email alerts
– 500,000 annual downloads of CreditMatters TV and audio podcasts
– Over 50,000 social media followers
– Nearly 35,000 mobile apps users